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Group Therapy

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Caregiver Burnout Prevention Group


Open Group
Thursday 6 pm PST

Taking care of a dependent love one can be challenging, stressful, and at times overwhelming. Many caregivers experience disruption of household routines, disruption of relatives' leisure time and career, strain on family relationships, and lessening of social support.

The purpose of this group is to provide psychoeducation to assist caregivers in identifying, understanding, and coping with the challenges that come along with caring for a dependent love one, while fostering a safe environment for sharing information, resources, insight and encouragement.

Anger Management


Open Group

Monday 6 pm PST

Anger is a normal human emotion; however, some may view anger negatively because it is associated with how it makes our body feel (hot, shaky, tunnel vision, etc.). When anger gets out of control and turns destructive, it can destroy relationships in our personal life, work, and home. 

Through our anger management group, we focus on recognizing frustration in its early stages, understanding anger (patterns, thoughts, triggers),  work through anger,  develop positive communication skills, self-awareness, and learn to let go and forgive. Start the path to better health and channel your anger to reach new goals. 

Monday 6 pm PST

Seeking Safety

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Closed Group
5 pm PST Tuesday
6 pm PST Friday

The effects of trauma and the use of substances aren’t always linked, but can often be found in the same wheelhouse. Some who have experienced trauma fall into unhealthy ways of coping with it, while some who have overused substances may not have found healthy ways to cope with unhealed trauma. 

Seeking Safety is a structured treatment model that aids in identifying and implementing safe coping strategies to manage effects of trauma, limit or abstain from substance use, and help clients find links among their thoughts, actions, relationships, and internal experience.

Process Group


Open Group
Adults Thursday 7pm
Teens 14-19 Friday 6pm
Tweens 11 to 13 Friday 4pm

Process group is an unstructured model that allows clients to bring the questions, concerns, stressors, or joys to the group that are most present. This group provides the opportunity for interpersonal interactions around a specific theme, hearing multiple points of view, increasing insight, and sharpening social skills by deepening awareness of self and others.

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